The Hikes

Kili chez nous! offers you the joy of being on top of the mountain with the flexibility to pick and choose the dates and hikes that suit YOUR schedule. You have the option of participating in as few or as many of the hikes as you wish.


With varying levels of difficulty and a variety of locations, our carefully selected hikes were chosen not just for hiking enthusiasts, but for anyone who loves the outdoors. All you need is the motivation to help us kick cancer one stride at a time.


Kili chez nous! starts with a very special hike on Saturday, March 17th, the same day that our adventurous climbers will push towards the summit on Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa - continents apart, but sharing the same passion for the cause.


All of our hikes will last anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours each, and will appeal to novices and experienced hikers alike. Your safety will be paramount, with first aid available on every trail.