Whether you live to hike or you are more of an occasional hiker, you are in for an awesome experience! Each and every hike will be fun, challenging and rewarding, with breathtaking scenery and incredible team spirit. The satisfaction of knowing that you are helping cancer patients with each step you take will make the experience that much more rewarding.

We’ve chosen trails that will appeal to all tastes and fitness levels. Each hike will offer different trail options. Locations are within a couple of hours drive from Montreal.

Eager for an optional challenge? Join the 4K Club. Set a personal goal to accumulate a total of 4,000 metres of hiking altitude to match the same altitude as our Kilimanjaro climbers. You can journal or log your trips in the following link: wikiloc.com and then update your progress on your personal fundraising page.

Mark these dates in your calendar, create your personal page and start fundraising!

Date   Location
«Great things are done when men and mountains meet – William Blake»
March 17th   Secteur pembina, Parc national du Mont-Tremblant
«Courir les érables – Sugaring off»
April 22nd   Mont St. Hilaire
«Spring into Summer»
May 27th   Orford, Eastern Townships - Parc national du Mont-Orford
«Hike for the Health of it»
June 10th   Sutton, Eastern Townships - Parc d'environnement naturel de Sutton
«A Natural High»
July 15th   Mont Tremblant, Laurentians - Mont Tremblant (centre de ski)
«Where Attitude is Altitude»
August 19th   Forêt Ouareau
«Grand retour…en montagne»
September 28th - 29th   Charlevoix - Hiking Weekend Getaway
«Step into Fall Colours»
October 14th   Val Morin
«It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves»
November 4th   Les Trois Sommets, Montreal - Westmount, Mont-Royal, Outremont
«The Fight to the Finish»
December 1st   Saint Donat, Lanaudière - Montagne Noire (sentier national)
Please note that changes to the calendar for dates and location may be subject to change due to weather conditions.

Hiker Training Workshops


Mark these dates in your calendar. More details to follow.

Date   Workshop   Location
February 5th   Fitness Training   Victoria Park