The team


Co-Chair: Elaine Dubrovsky
"I have been a volunteer for over 10 years at the Hope & Cope Cancer Wellness Centre. I am committed to raising funds that enable the organization to continue to bring smiles to those battling cancer."


Co-Chair: Janice Heft-Sheiner
"I am Manager of Volunteer services at Ometz and very happy to now volunteer as a member of the Hope & Cope’s, Tell Cancer to Take a Hike team. In my spare time I enjoy outdoor activities that include hiking, cycling and skiing."


Co-Chair: Sheryl Miller-Adessky
"I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at 18 years of age. I have been a volunteer with Hope & Cope almost from its inception, facilitating self-help groups for many years. More recently, for five years, I was involved in fundraising, helping to launch and Co-chair the Denim and Diamonds fundraising events to benefit the young adult division of Hope & Cope. I am married with three children, and a practicing attorney. My passion is spending time in Stowe."