1. Do I need any hiking experience?
No. That’s the beauty of this fundraiser. Couples can participate together or en famille.  Any person in good health and good physical condition, with a positive attitude, can hike.
2. What type of physical condition do I need to be in?
The hikes are designed for everyone, not just for athletes or hiking enthusiasts. The locations have been carefully selected so that there are hiking circuits for different levels of ability. If you can walk for at least 2 hours and climb a couple of flights of stairs, you should not have difficulties on the short hiking circuits.
3. Is there going to be a training program?
Yes. There will be a bootcamp scheduled in February to help you with training tips.
4. Do I need specific gear, clothing and footwear?
Yes. The better prepared you are the more enjoyable the experience. Dressing in layers and wearing well-fitted socks that are not cotton is a good strategy.
5. Should I supply my own food and snacks?
Yes, if there are no facilities. If there are chalet facilities at the bottom of the hike, midway, or at the top, we will advise you in advance and then it is your individual choice to purchase or bring your food. Everyone is encouraged to bring at least 1-2 litre water bottles for hydration.