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Dear friends and family,

Jessica and I are joining fundraising efforts to support the Hope & Cope program which assists those suffering from cancer and their families. In their own words:

Hope & Cope has helped many, many thousands of people over the years. We offer more than 30 programs, we closed in on 1,500 new intakes last year and up to 130 people are coming to Lou’s House every single day. But the real magic number is ONE. One staff, helping one person, one day at a time. One donor making a difference. One volunteer holding a hand or make that one phone call to say, ‘You are not alone.’ One survivor giving back by helping one other person. All it takes is one person to give the gift of hope.

When we heard a group was being put together to climb different mountains around our beloved Montreal to fundraise for Hope & Cope, we were all in. We have been touched by cancer in our families. It is great to know that society wants to play a big role, in addition to government, in supporting people touched by cancer through organization like Hope & Cope.

Join us in making a difference!


Jess and Mauricio


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If you would like to send a cheque, please make it payable to Hope & Cope.

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