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Family skiing on Mount Royal, happy and healthy in 2017.
Family skiing on Mount Royal, happy and healthy in 2017.
When my son Michael was 17 years old, he complained of back pain.  When the pain persisted, despite physio treatment, he had an MRI that showed a cork-shaped malignant tumor in his spinal column.
We were devastated. We imagined him paraplegic tomorrow... and dead next week.... it was a horrifying experience.
We were so fortunate to be well supported by family, friends, co-workers and an amazing medical team.
With early and effective treatment (surgery and radiotherapy), he was back to full activity in six months. It felt like a miracle!
He proceeded to spend the next few years touring with an Irish dance troupe, travelling around the world. 

Having practiced as a physiotherapist for over 40 years, I strongly believe in the power of exercise in gaining maximum function, wellbeing and connectivity. I couldn’t think of a better way to support this worthwhile cause, than hiking local Quebec trails with Kili Chez Nous!

My son is certainly one of the lucky ones: 19 years later, he has had no recurrence and continues to be active, running his own School of Irish Dance. 

Please help me in raising money for Hope and Cope, so others may find the same level of support we so valued during this hard time.

Karin Austin and the O'Gorman Family

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